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How a Dutch researcher predicted that an earthquake would hit our region too

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In February, Frank Hoogerbeets, a researcher with Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS) that studies seismic activity, predicted that a 7.5 magnitude earthquake would occur in the region surrounding South-Central Turkey, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.

Dutch researcher prediction goes viral After devastating Turkey earthquake 3 days before it happened

However, his prediction was not widely acknowledged on Twitter, and some users questioned his legitimacy as a scientist due to his previous predictions.

Three days after the dutch researcher’s prediction, a major 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the region, followed by two more strong quakes, resulting in significant damage and loss of life.

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Hoogerbeets’ tweet went viral after the quake, receiving more than 55.3K retweets, 131.4K likes, and more than 36.5 million views.

He expressed his condolences to those affected by the earthquake and stated that these seismic events are often preceded by critical planetary geometry.

Hoogerbeets is a researcher with the Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGS), which monitors the relationship between celestial bodies and seismic activity.

Dutch Researcher’s prediction came after the SSGS website updated with an announcement about the possibility of a more significant seismic event occurring between February 4th and 6th.

The earthquake resulted in many buildings being reduced to rubble in Turkey and Syria, while dozens of aftershocks and a winter blizzard complicated search and rescue efforts.

Powerful earthquakes were felt in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India with 6.8 Magnitude After the devastating Turkey earthquake

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake shook parts of Pakistan on Tuesday, lasting for approximately 30 seconds. While it is not yet known whether there was any damage or casualties resulting from the tremor, earthquake tremors were felt in several cities across the country, including Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Peshawar, Kohat, and Lakki Marwat.

The earthquake was centered in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush region and was recorded at a depth of 180 kilometers by the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).

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Watch a video about the Dutch researcher’s prediction:

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