How To Access Blocked Websites? — Easy 15 Ways To Bypass

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As you will know that there are Somes Rules and Regulations in the country to Stop Watching some of the websites Publicly. So if You want to Visit The Prohibited Website, you must Read to know How To Access Blocked Websites Easily?

From Past Years Every Country Have Its Own Policies and Rules to protect you from harmful Websites, People are unable to visit Those Websites Legally due to be Prohibited by Government.

Only the Government Can Decide which Website will be Visible For the Public or website has block Accessed. In schools, Colleges, or Office Same Rules is Applied For Security Purposes or to Aware Children from Harm Websites.

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Some Peoples Need Websites for different Purposes But Unfortunately, Website Access is Blocked By Country Rules. So Guyz Don’t Be Upset Because here you will know some Different ways to unblock all blocked Websites.

lets have a Detail look below on How To Access Blocked Websites from anywhere in Globe.


Get Access of Block Websites Through these Best method Below, that is consist of DNS hack, proxy websites, VPN and Browser extensions:


Those Websites Which are Blocked or Restricted for Students or employees cause any Harmful Activities I.e Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube That Waste their Time and also Disturb their Concentration from Work.
Don’t worry Nowadays technology Make our life more Easier than old age, Now Just you have to go on your browser and Click on the Browers Extention Settings and Click to Install The Following Extension,


Proximate and Hola. are the best Extention In Chrome to access Blocked websites on chrome. There is much more Extention to Take access to Block Websites but Ultra Surf is an Impressive Extension that helps you to use Free Access to websites.


Sometimes People Accessing The Website, Unfortunately, they Cant Access Due to The Problem of Verify SSL Method Install. Some websites are not Secure or They Access the Website With a locally Server,

So If you want to Access of Block Website, So you Have to visit Your Web Brower(Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Etc) Then you have To Go on Address Bar in the Web Browser,

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Then you have to Change The Url Like Changes ( to Https:// You will be Access that Website With Security Policies.


There are So many methods To Acess Block Websites But Let Discuss The Simple Way to Acess The block Websites Easily Soda PDF is a That Source Which Provides you the Data or Block Websites Through A simple way. You Just Search Soda PDF,

Then You have to Paste or Give The Url You To Access it. When you Give the URL then Next Step you have To Check your email Because They Sent you the Accessible Link of that website Privately to your inbox.

In Heading I write HTML TO PDF Converter, Actually, This is Also Actually The same thing That bypass the Block Websites and Give you a proper Channel to Access the Block websites.

Here is Also the Same Process you Must Go to the Website and Paste your Url to Get the Accessible Link Through your Email Inbox.


This is a Kind of Web Browser unBlocker Tool through Which you Can bypass the Block Website Into Accessible Websites. It is the Best Unblocker Website Tool Nowadays.

If you are in the Offices or schools so you can Easily Access the Block website By using of Ip anonymizer tool.


This is a Kind of Web Browser unBlocker Tool through Which you Can bypass the Block Website Into Accessible Websites. It is the Best Unblocker Website Tool Nowadays EveryWhere.

If you are in the Offices or schools so you can Easily Access the Block website By using of TOR Tool. People Will Call you Anonymous Person In Schools or offices If you use This tool properly.

There is more Benefit because in this tool you didn’t use any Proxy or Vpn to Unblock the Websites. you can Also Access the BLACK Dark Websites which are Ban on your Websites Stately.

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Every School or Office have Its own Polices of using their computers and Internet Connection. They block some of the websites on their Servers for Security Purposes.

So In Modern World, you can stop people from doing anything Because Technology makes our Life Easier. So If you Want to access any Website in School and unfortunately it shows Some errors,

So Don’t Worry Download and Install any Web browser I.e FireFox Which is portable in the USB DRIVE to use. So if you Apply this Process Successfully So you will be able to access the Block websites.


RSS is using for Collecting the Lastest Content From the Website Feed. If you want to Get The latest content of any blocked website Then Select that and Add that into The RSS READER.

This is Only When That Website has no Feed. E.g In the past few days, The Trending Fake News About Algorithm and social media. When you Add it The Content to the Reader So It will be Posted Very Soon from your Sources.


WAYBACK MACHINE | INTERNET ARCHIVE: it is a very popular service which can store the copy Utmost all of The websites on the internet. One of the Benefits is the users can use the blocked content online in the Browser.

It can save multiple Forms of websites and Also you can use to access the Old versions of the website Wayback Machine is Also providing Free Movies Videos, Videos Games, Lectures, Ebooking, Computer Games, And much more, etc.

Whenever You Lost Some Things or face Some errors On the Website So it Will Solve The issues that occur on the Website.

How to access blocked websites at school ( Effictive Method)

In Schools, Colleges and university Some websites is un reachable which is blocked by Management team at School.

Dont worry guys, I have Solid Soutions to bypass the unblock Websites from anywhere at School.

Lets have a practical look on how to access blocked websites on school chromebook without VPN below:

1.Disable Windows Firewall in Computer

Window Firewall is Availbile in all Computers and Laptops as a Builtin function to protect you from the harmful attacks and Websites.

You can Unblock or block webites By the help of Window Firewall, Here we can unblock them to get access of desire websites.

Detail Practical video & Article, Click here”HOW TO BLOCK A WEBSITE IN FIREWALL WINDOWS 7 – Easy Step by Step Guide”.

2.Remove sites from Restricted List in Computer

You can Relase the block Websites from Restricted List in Computer Control Panel which is added by School management.

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Here the Steps to Unblock Websites from Computer:

Step 1: Go to Computer Search Type” Internet Option & Then Internet Properties” the Enter to Open it.

How To Access Blocked Websites
How To Access Blocked Websites

Step 2: Select “Security Tab” and Then Click on “Restricted Sites“.

How To Access Blocked Websites

Step 3You can Add Sites to Block or unblock Websites, To unblock the website Select from Blacklist and then Click on Remove Button.

How To Access Blocked Websites
How To Access Blocked Websites

4.Make Changes to the Host File in PC

If School Management have a technical Knowlege to block a webiste through Host File, So this will be little harder for you to unblock without Any tech Knowlege.

Don’t Worry I will help you to unblock the website Through Window host File in pc, Lets have a look on Steps to be performed.

Step1: Copy the address and paste it to the address Bar ” C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc ” .

Unblock website through Computer Host file

Step 2: Open Host File & remove the website name Line.
Step 3: Save the file Again ” CTRL S “.

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