Explain Windows firewall Settings windows 7 Working Step by Step

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In this article, I Will Tell you Windows firewall Settings windows 7, Which can help you to Know About the Working Mechanism Of Windows FireWall.

If you read my article Completely, Then you WIll Easy know About How Firewall Works. Actually, Many Peoples Don’t know About Windows Firewall or Why to use a Firewall in Windows 10, 7, or XP, So If they Don’t know or have No Knowledge About it.

So Now No Worry About This, Because I write An Interesting Artice About The Purpose of  Firewall Works in windows 7.

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What is a Windows firewall?

Windows Firewall is a Windows Microsoft Security Applications That Assist to Keep Safe your Personal Computer by Avoiding The Unjustified,

Users from Pickup The access to your Personal computer Over the Internet or The Other Suitable networks.

Windows FireWall was Firstly Built in the Window XP In the Past Days 2001 After That With Passage Of Time, They make Updations In the Window Firewall.

What Does Windows firewall Do?

Window Firewall Give You Full Protection From Any HarmFul Applications That cause or Damage Your Personal Computer.

Explain how the firewall works in Windows 7, 8, and 10?

This is a Really Important Point to know How can Moves data on the internet and Also know That how can Firewall helps to protect your Personal Or Office Computers.

Windows firewall is really important for big organizations because they have a maximum or minimum of 600 Employees. So if a boss or manager Wants to convey a message to their employers,

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So it’s too difficult to send a single message to 600 employees. So if you have a Large Number of computers in an Organization, So it seems That All the computers should be Connected With each other by using Network Cards.

So If an Organization Have many Connections and They Don’t have a Windows firewall in its systems, So it means Anyone Can Access The other Computers Directly in the Organization.

So if anyone wants to Stole the data or Other stuff from the Computers Easily Because There is no Restriction on the Computers,

if any Employee can do a little mistake in Internet communication, So this is called for the Hackers to Hack the Organization Systems,

Because there is no Such a Protection From Unauthorized Read, That’s Why they can Get the Access to Websites or Organization Systems easily.

So it is Important to restrict the network or Block a Website in Windows firewall 7, 8, or other.

Windows firewall Example & Why Is Internet Security Important Nowadays?

(Organization Having Firewall Protection):

So If an Organization Have a Windows firewall Settings windows 7, 8, or 10 in their Internet Systems and they Have the Rules For Daily Use for the organization they Don’t know the importance of internet security in Windows 7.

So If Organization Can Set a firewall In Every System Connected With The Internet. Then There are About 600 systems in the organization that is connected to the Internet and are dependent on one System, and That is a Server System.

So the Server system Can Only Receiver or Send FTP Public messages So it can Decide which FTP Connection is Allowed or Denied. So the other System will not be disturbed by any Harm Use or From Hackers.

So if the Organizations Set different Rules E,g (Web Servers, FTP servers, etc. So an Organization will know how many Employees are Connected with us for work.

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What are the 3 types of firewalls?

There are Servals Methods or purposes to Control The Traffic, Such Methods Are the Following:


Proxy services:
In this, the Information which is coming from the internet can be drafted by the Firewall and After That can be sent to the Requesting System.


Packet Filters:
Atom Type of Data Mean Packets is investigated Against a set of Filters. Those Packets which are be Filtered So it will be sent to the requesting system and Others will be Denied.


State Inspection:
When The Modern Method Doesn’t Read The Contents Of The Every Single packet, Every packet Have the Trusted Information.

SO only That Information can Carry from Inside the Firewall to outside monitoring for exact Characteristics, So that Incoming information can be Compared If The information is Cleared and Exact, So Then it can be Allowed.

Basic Windows Firewall Settings windows 7, 8, 10 Step by Step

  1. Click on Windows Start Menu.
  2. Click on the Control Panel.
  3. Then click on the System and Security.
  4. Choose program features.
  5. Then click Turn on Windows Firewall or Switch off.
  6. Set Different Rules it Depends on you.

Does windows 7 have a firewall built-in?

Yes, Windows 7 have Built-in Window Firewall in it.

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