Short Stories for kids
Short Stories for kids

SHORT STORIES FOR KIDS: In this article, you will know about short stories for kids in English, good moral stories for your kids which can help them to gain information about short stories for kids online Easily.

Many of the kids love to read Short Stories, but they can’t find the Stories books in stores or schools. Kids Requesting to their parents to buy Short stories books for them but unfortunately, they cant find the same Stories books in the market.

Nowadays, Everything is changing to the Digital world, you can find Easily short stories for kids free on google by just one single click and you will find short stories in English for students.

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Short Stories for kids
Short Stories for kids

Let’s begin the short story for kids: This is a story of poor family, wife, husband and their kids with Home pets. In an old town, a man named Adil used to live with his wife and Kids – he had two Kids, Arif and Shaheena. They were both very young but very smart and sharp in nature. Their parents were very happy with him.

He was very fond of writing and he used to go to the village school to get an education. His education had greatly increased his intelligence. -Adil had some land, He planted a large shade on the ground and laid a net of wood around it and raised many chickens.

He was able to earn a decent amount of money and made a great deal of money – he even made some money so he could work when needed – both of his children were very attached to these chickens. After coming from both children, they used to go to the hen’s hedge with their father and collect eggs in baskets – they had a lot of fun doing this – the hens were very familiar with them too – seeing them anywhere in the yard.


Hoops, noises coming near them, half of the fence was raw land where poultry grains and water pots were kept – the other part I was made straw to make the chickens’ habitat – Arif and Shaheena picked up the eggs from the straw and cleaned them after placing them in the crockery – after finishing the cleaning they put the pods in the poultry pot,

Which were millet, corn, and finely sliced vegetables – sometimes they even had bread soaked in water – after which they filled water in a pot of clay for their drinking and then eggs. They brought the baskets home with their father – they sold the eggs to Adil – one day when Arif and Shaheena arrived at the hen with their father.

He looked at a dwarf – he was sitting near the door of the fence on a beautiful and fine carpet – there were signs of trouble on his face – he saw these people coming, then came to them quickly and said.I don’t know what can I do because my chicken has a past a very long time in the yard and also the door has been closed.

I’ve been sitting here since morning – it’s noon.” – “How did the hen go inside the closed door?” Adele asked with surprise – Arif and Shaheena were also watching this beautiful dwarf – “I was on my flying rug by the hen with my hands in the carpet. I was looking down at the peep.” When the carpet passed over this fence.


she saw the chickens like hers, jumped out of my hands and jumped down – I looked down and saw her wings fluttering in the same fence – if she didn’t find me. So bad!  Booney Says -” It, not an issue – although the Truth is that she did not get it.

We have got A lot of chickens, take one of them ” To say yes, that chicken is not an ordinary chicken – it gives an egg of gold every day – wait – I never told you about myself – I am a housekeeper in a rich and Kabir prasad trader in Preston.

– A few days ago this merchant had sent me some gifts and sent me to his daughter – his daughter’s house is far away – she was very happy to see the father’s gifts – she made me very happy – when I returned.

On the way, he handed over the golden egg to me and said that I should give it to his father – now that the chicken has disappeared – if she does not find me, all my honor. I will find one – all will say that I have come out of hiding and have hidden it “- Boone said sadly – they were surprised when they heard that the dwarf’s chicken was laying gold.

– Adil said – “I’m opening the fence door – you walk in and see what your hen is” – Those guys entered the fence – When the dwarf saw so many chickens there, it got a bit disturbing. And she quickly turned around to look for his chicken.

Seeing her upset, Shaheena asked, “How was your chicken color?” “She was like these chickens and she was just like these chickens here.” So you The chickens are the same – how do I find my hen? “Boone said and sat down, holding his head in frustration – Adil also sat close to him.


Short Stories for kids
Short Stories for kids in english

He was worried about the dwarf’s troubles – Arif and Shaheena. The chickens began to pimp – when they started collecting eggs, Shaheena exclaimed in a cheerful voice, “Brother! Brother! Look at this!” Arif quickly went to her,

there were many eggs on the straw pile. There was a golden egg shining in these eggs – Arif quickly picked up the egg and ran near the dwarf – “See, this is the golden egg of your chicken” – hearing about it. Vanna got up quickly – Adele was also looking at the golden egg by surprise – Boone took the golden egg and then re-evaluated the chickens in the fence with great impatience,

Didn’t recognize – “I do not understand which of these chickens belongs to me – they are all the same shape and color – I do not remember any sign of my hen” – Boone nodded. After some time he says “I have a solid solution in my mind, To trade all of these chickens and move them to Preston and get a hand over to the trader company.” and say, She is a chicken that lays eggs – but on such a small carpet.


Stories are important for kids to refresh their mind from school Education and also to improve their reading and communication skills.

If you want to See your Children healthy and wealthy, Kindly buy Stories books or download Pdf Stories for kids online from the website.


Those kids who love to read stories Books are Sharper than other kids Because they gain much information from the stories.

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