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There is no tomorrow Change Now – Islamic motivational speech in English

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In This Article “There is no Tomorrow Change Now Islamic Motivational Speech in English Only For Those People Who are Discourages From Their Beautiful Life, Especially For Those Peoples Who were in Depression and Don’t Know What to do,

My Brother and Sister, You cant give yourself a second chance to live on earth, Why do you Destroy Your Beautiful Life which is Given by Allah To you.

The Days of life are going like a Wind Blowing, any time, Any Second your Breathing will be stopped, and Lose Your Life. Everyone Will dies Till the Last of the Earth No one Can Spend Thousands of years on Earth,

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So if We Have Limited Time On Earth Why do we Sin, Doing Bad Things, And Eat Haram Things. my question is if there is No Tomorrow Then why do we not change ourselves, Why did not spend our days with Joy, Love, and Help Others.

Let’s Read the Best Islamic speech in English for Students about “There Is No Tomorrow Change Now” Below.

There is no Tomorrow change now Islamic Motivational Speech in English (inspiring)

Oh, ManKind, What is there That has Caused you to be deceived about your Ever Generous Lord?, How can you be Deceived? What can Possibly Change This Reality, that all of us Know? The only way to attain Tranquility is through The Workship of Allah, is by Turning to Allah,

Is by making Allah the ultimate Goal and Destination, we all Know this Then why is it that we turn away From this Path, Why is it That, This World Can seduce us away From this Path, Oh mankind, what is there that has caused you to be deceived about your Lord?

has not the Time Come, My dear brothers and sisters, For our Hearts to become Soft at the Remembrance of Allah and at the Quran, and at hearing About Allah and His Messenger Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) has the time not Come That our Hearts turn to Allah That we Become Better Muslims,

My dear Brothers and sisters How many Khutba’s will it take? how many lectures Must you be told? Don’t You Understand? Don’t I Understand?

If I don’t Change Now if you Don’t Change Now This is a plot From Shaytaan Never to Change, There is no Tomorrow, Tomorrow Never Comes, Every Day has another Tomorrow and the time will come When for you and me, there will be a day where there will be no Tomorrow,

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If we keep on saying, Tomorrow I will start Praying, Tomorrow I will be a better Muslim, This Tomorrow will never arrive, My Dear Brothers and sisters, What do you need to convince us? what do we need to convince us?

don’t you see what’s happening in the Muslim Ummah ? are we Blind to the Reality of What is going on around us.

Do you Not notice, That the majority of affairs That are Occurring Deal with us, Look at the News 80 % of the News Deals with Our Ummah, and What is happening to it, has it ever occurred to us Why? Are we not Believers Of Allah, are we not Worshippers of Allah, Or are We Really and truly Believers and worshippers of Allah.

Allah says in the Quran, that Honor, Glory, and power will always Belong to Allah and to his messenger Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), and to the believers, the Muminoon.

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There is no Tomorrow Motivational Islamic Speech for Students (Continue Reading):

Therefore, it is not possible, That the Real Muminoon will Ever be Humiliated, it is not possible my dear brothers and sisters, That Permanently the Situation Will always be in our Disfavor, Therefore There is Something Wrong,

We are not Doing our Job We are Not Reaching The level of Emaan that is Required of Us and That is Why We Have Not Reached The Level of honor and glory, that is Promised to us as well,

How can we ask Allah to do his part of the Contract, When we don’t do our Part, how Can We ask Allah For Help When We Don’t Deserve That Help, Do we not realize that this is a wakeup call for us.

What is Happening in the Muslim Ummah, Allah is Doing it for our sake, Allah says in the Quran “what will Allah gain by Punishing you “ If you believe and are thankful to him If this is the if, what will Allah gain ? but if you are Thankful and have Emaan,

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in Other Words if you don’t have Emaan or you are not Thankful, Then Allah Will must Show you the Reality, My dear brothers and sisters,, We simply Don’t Have The Luxury of Living a Care Free Life, In fact we never have such a luxury No matter What the Ummah is going Through,

But Especially Now Especially at this time, We Simply Can’t be Selfish, We cant Think of my Dunya, My Money, My Wealth, No We must Think of the Ummah, Each one of us, is Responsible to do what we can for the Ummah,

It is my duty and your duty to be better Muslims and that is the Best Way to Revive The Honor That this Ummah Needs,

that is the Best Way to  Get the Position, That Allah has promised us, Oh Muslims Ponder Over this Reality, Reflect Overseer it For The Sake of Your Family and Friends, For the sake of this Muslims Ummah,

For the Sake Of your Dunya and Akhira, For the sake of your Jannah and Narr, For the Sake of Allah, each and Every One of Us, has to change, each and every one of us must set Goals to better himself, Now not Tomorrow, at this point in the Time, because there is no Tomorrow.

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Then you will get jazaa From Allah for your Akhirat, May Allah Bless All Muslim Ummah and Keep them Safe From Sin. AMEEN

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